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     Established in 1980 by Doug Mansfield, Artisan Tool and Die, Inc has grown from 6,000 square feet to a 30,000 square foot facility completed in 2003.  Mr. Mansfield has over 44 years experience in the plastics industry. His expertise since 1967 is in plastic injection mold building and new product development. His customer base has seen millions of dollars in annual cost savings through product reform and innovation.

      Artisan has a sister company located in Sarasota, FL also owned by Doug Mansfield, that specializes in building new molds for the plastics, aerospace, and medical industries.  They also have a high Precision molding operation of Aerospace and Automotive parts along with Medical and part development.


     Chad Jones is the General Manger and General Foreman of Artisan Tool and Die, LLC. He has over 30 years experience in plastic injection molds. Chad has a unique ability in defining the best way to correct a mold to produce a quality part. He has worked closely with our customers and a very unique team of highly experienced mold-makers, polishers, mold welders and texture repairmen to provide quality mold repairs. His expertise has given Artisan an outstanding reputation for being able to save our customers a possible line shut-down and turn it into a successful repair in a timely fashion.


Under Chad's leadership we expanded our service of operation in 2015 to operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  If required, we can and will schedule work on holidays in our facility or work in our customers facility to continue our goal in meeting the turn-around time required by our customers. Chad makes sure that our customers problem is our problem.


        Sam Mann is the Engineering and CNC department Supervisor.  Sam has a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Arts. He has 20 years in mold design and over 30 years programming and running CNC equipment.  Sam works with our customers and a team of highly skilled CNC operators and programmers daily.  Sam has used his leadership skills to work closely with our customers and our skilled tool and die makers to complete projects on time and with quality design, craftsmanship and production components. Successfully meeting our customers needs is his primary goal.

Milling and Lathe Equipment

· G & L CNC Boring Mill with,12'X15' Table, Fagor controller and digitizing capable with unlimited weight capacity

· 4" Giddings & Lewis Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill Model #80ADP4T

· OKK CNC Vertical Mill with Fagor controller

· (2) Haas VF-1 High Speed CNC mills

· (2) DPM ProTRAK Mills

· (3) Bridgeport Knee Mill - Series 1

· Fryer CNC lathe

EDM Equipment

· Okamoto CNC EDM Model HOK 24-20

· Sharp EDM Model F25C

· Gromax ZNC-75 EDM

· Gromax Twin Head CNC EDM with 161.5”x66.9”x31.5” tank size

· Charmilles Roboform 400 CMC EDM

Grinding Equipment

· Chevalier Accugrind surface grinder

· Grizzly model G3155 surface grinder

· Mitsui Surface Grinder Model 200MN

· Acer model AGS-1224AHD wet grinder

· Chevalier model FSG618M surface grinder

· Okamoto model linear 612

· Dedtru model CM4

Welding Equipment

· Laser Welder – UNIX III w/spinning table Laser Motorized Workstation

· Laser Welder – Vision Workstation 150 watt

· Millermatic 200 Mig Welder

· Miller Maxstar 91

· (2) Miller Dynasty 200

· (2) Double Tank Portable Torch Welder

· Miller Portable Welder 33A

· Millermatic 350P Mig Welder

· Thermal arc 1905 Portable Welder

Lifting Cranes & Equipment

· 30 Ton Hoist FDP-23-GM 5000 3861514301

· 20 Ton Hoist

· 15 Ton Hoist

· 10 Ton Hoist FDP-17/GM 3000 4L6/511815

· 10 Ton Hoist

· 5 Ton Hoist R&M Giuar

· 5 Ton Host Yale

· 5 Ton Hoist Jet

· 2 Ton Hoist Yale

· Yale 8000lb Lift Truck

Mold Heating and Cycling Equipment

· Orycon Heat Control 12 zone J type & 12 zone K type

· Hydraulic Hose Maker

· Monaoh portable hydraulic power pack (slide activation)

· DME 36 zone heat controller

· (3) Portable hydraulic units

Special Inspection Equipment

· Scherr&Tumic optical comparator with XYZ and Q axis read-outs

· (3) Renishaw CNC Probe Systems

CALL US: 765-288-6653

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