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Structural Foam Molds

Multi-Color and 2 Shot Molds

Automotive and Lighting Molds


Hot Manifolds and Valve Gating Systems

Hot Drops, Cartridge Heaters


Cooling, and Electrical

Bubblers, Fountains, Ampco Details,

Heat Pins, Thermocouples, Limit Switches, Proximity Switches, RPG Sensors, Band and Tube Heaters and Many More


Intricate Mold Actions

Lifters,  Slides, Unscrewing Cores,

Collapsible Cores, Retractors, etc.


Complex Ejection

Ejector Sleeves, Pushers, Accelerated Ejectors,

Air Poppets, Stripper Rings and Plates


Complex Seal Off and Polishing

Reis Articulation Spotting Press

Dake Spotting Press 50 ton Capacity

    Keihin Thermal Technology has worked with Artisan for nearly 5 years. Their shop is located 2 ½ hours west of our plants location. I mention this because I can get a quicker turn around using them than I can using anyone within that range. 24/7 Artisan has been able to react quickly to every need. They do repairs on 3 shifts so turn around is very quick with a high quality of work. I would recommend Artisan to anyone molding that does not have their own repair shop and needs a quick turn around.



                                                              Ron Van Scyoc

                                                              Process Enineer                           

                                                               Keihin Thermal Technology             

CALL US: 765-288-6653

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